800 usd 1:1 Baume Mercier Clone Watch

When it comes to the words style and texture, what do you think of first? It may be a high-end movie, or a piece of exquisite furniture, and as a replica watches practitioner, what came to my mind is Baume & Mercier's latest 1:1 clone watch of the moon phase of the week. Whether it is the color scheme or the design of the panel, it makes people shine. Later, I was fortunate to get this watch. When I observed it carefully, I really felt the sincerity of the manufacturer.

Baume Mercier Replica

As far as I know, this 1:1 Clone Baume Mercier watch is a transformation and upgrade of Baumes most basic three-hand calendar style, so that it has small complex functions such as moon phase and week display, compared to the basic watch. Its more advanced. Its price is 800 usd, which is a high-priced replica watches, but the workmanship is really perfect. Usually the price of richard mille replica is 500-2000 usd, because richard mille is very difficult to imitate. Its price is the same as a richard mille replicas version, which shows that the manufacturer is very confident in its quality!

Baume Mercier replica watch has a case thickness of 13.2 mm, which is not particularly thin from the data point of view, but due to its hierarchical stepped design, the watch looks compact and light visually. As a girl, I wear it in I don't feel too heavy on my hands. The polished and satin-finished case is smooth to the touch and exquisite. In addition, the replica watches manufacturer also provides 18k rose gold case styles to choose from. The two styles are different and each has its own characteristics.

To say that the biggest highlight of the 800 usd 1:1 Clone Baume Mercier watch week moon phase watch is the dial design. The overall color scheme adopts the popular extreme gray, and the 42mm lacquered gradient gray dial is very textured. As mentioned earlier, this watch has upgraded the three-hand calendar model, with an analog day dial at 12 o'clock. Corresponding to the calendar display and the moon phase plate that merge into one at 6 o'clock, the overall layout is neat and harmonious.

Rose Gold Baume Mercier Replica

The manufacturer equipped this 1:1 Baume Mercier Clone Watch with a dark blue crocodile leather strap with square scales, yes it is a real crocodile leather strap (usually the price of a crocodile leather strap is 200-400 usd), familiar Watch friends all know that leather straps are easy to damage in summer, so the manufacturer also prepared additional steel straps, made of 316L steel. In summer, replacing a steel chain by yourself can solve this problem well. So the price of 800 usd is actually very worth it!

In addition to the dial, another selling point of this replica watch is its movement. The chassis is sandblasted and snail-shaped. In terms of performance, the watch is equipped with a Swiss ETA clone movement. In fact, this cloned version of the movement has a very long service life.

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